The Airplane Ride

Recently, while traveling to Seattle for a training session for some marketing executives, I thought about some of the funny things I saw happen on the plane. I don’t know, maybe I was just bored, but, I heard and observed some funny things, at least “to me”, when I was on the plane.

Realize that I fly a LOT so… All at once these things just hit my funny bone.

  • People entering the plane— Because I am usually one of the first ones on the plane, I have a chance to be a people watcher. Now here’s the thing, there are usually around 200 seats on the plane so EVERYONE has a chance to get a seat.


On comes a husband and wife, the plane is still nearly empty and they  stand right in the middle of the isle looking for the PERFECT seat. In the meantime, people are boarding the plane waiting and waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Perfect seat taker, to FIND their perfect seat.


Finally, the husband picks the perfect seat, and the wife, GETS him up saying no, “SHE DOESN’T WANNA SIT THERE”. IN the meantime, chaos is breaking out behind them as there is a line longer than the Equator waiting. Finally, they sit and now everyone is RUSHING to the back of the plane as if there is a gold fortune hidden inside the lavatory. Ay Carumba!!!


  • The preflight talk—This is THE funniest part of the plane ride. 200 people on board while the safety talk goes on and they are TOTALLY oblivious. Some are sleeping, some are reading, and some are using the safety cards as fans, NO ONE CARES.

My favorite is when they talk about the oxygen masks falling in the event of cabin pressure change. “Just hold them over your face and breathe NORMALLY”. SERIOUSLY???????????????? Yeah, maybe once you stop SCREAMING… In the meantime, people are just snoring away… Sometimes I think I would be the only person on board who survives because “I” know where the EMERGENCE EXITS and LIFE PRESERVERS are.

  • Exiting the plane—This is too hilarious. Once again, you have 200 people ALL trying to be the FIRST off the plane. You would think that the freakin’ plane had crashed by the way they IMMEDIATELY get up and RACE for the exit door. Sit a while people, what’s the damn rush? Can you imagine having a fire drill in the plane??? Ay Carumba…

The next time you’re on a plane notice these things and see if it doesn’t crack you up.

Until Later…

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