Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I am a 32 year old woman who is about to pull her hair out. It’s my mother-in-law Sooz, She’s a real PIA (Pain in the @%#*&@@#&^^&). She is literally an alcoholic who carries a case of her favorite beer in the car with her at all times.
Here’s the thing though, she shows up at all hours, day, afternoon, even evening without being invited. Usually she is already three sheets to the wind and if my son (three) is up, I feel especially uncomfortable.

Christmas morning, she showed up at our door at 6:30 AM with beer in tow. Sooz, I understand she has a problem, but why does it have to be my problem? Several times my husband has tried to get her into a program, but she says she is fine and doesn’t need it.
Both my husband and I have talked about this, but neither one of us knows what to do. Is there any advice you can give us that might help?

Distressed Mother

Dear Distressed Mother:

Alcohol addiction is very tough on families. No one will get her into a program unless she is good and ready. Here’s what I suggest. Tell her both your husband and you love her, but, you are concerned for HER safety AND the relationship between her and her grandchild.
Let her know that until she stops drinking, or comes around drunk to YOUR home, she will NOT be invited in. Perhaps the thought of not seeing her grandson will make her think twice about going into a program or, at LEAST stop her from drinking while she is with you.
Seriously, I understand, being a recovering alcoholic myself. My heart and soul goes out to you both. I will send you some info where she can go, and some other pamphlets that may help YOU guys. Good luck.

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