Things I Like About My Men and Women

sexy redheads
Since I am a bisexual who happens to have Nympho qualities, you would THINK that I would love just about ANYTHING on this planet that walks on two legs, NOT true.

I actually DO have a type… ALIVE…Just kidding… Here are some of the qualifications I look for in my conquests. First and foremost, I look for a sense of humor. Humor is VERY important to me when it comes to a relationship. If ya wanna take me to bed, make me laugh.

Many people think that all women are interested in is a great six pack, or a nice ass, but for ME, that isn’t true. Sure, it helps, but it really isn’t necessary.

Fat, bald, tall or short dosen’t matter as long as you have the traits I require. I’ve already mentioned the humor; the next think I MUST have is intelligence. I am a bright woman and can NOT be courted by someone who wants me to order for them at a restaurant.

The last thing I look for in either men or women is confidence. I like someone who knows themselves and is not afraid to make on the spot decisions. I also am self confident and it is VERY HOT when someone else plays up to my level.

If you have these qualities, take off your pants and be ready to be loved like you have never been loved before…I’m WAITING…

Until Later…

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