Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I am a recently married woman and maybe it’s me, but I have a problem. You see Sooz, my husband of only six months still looks at other women. I thought that practice was supposed to be discontinued once the wedding rings were securely fastened upon our fingers.

I have brought this subject up to him on many occasions, he maintains that he loves me, and I am the only one in the world that he devotes his entire attention.

I must say, he is a very good husband. He helps cook, clean up, and will even help with the laundry if asked. I just don’t like his habit of looking at other women.

Is there something that I can do or say that will help stop his annoying habit?

Frustrated Frau

Dear Frustrated Frau:

Telling your husband to stop watching other women is like telling him to stop watching sports, drink beer, or keeping his hands off his penis. It AIN’T gonna happen.

Men are sexually wired as hunters and helping to spawn children. You’re preaching to the choir girl. He will continue to look at other women until he’s sucking dirt.

Just be glad that he is loving and considerate and leave it at that. If you do, you should live a happy life…

Good Luck.

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