How To Get More Sex


No matter how young or old you are, if you are at the age where you can have sex, you WANT it. The problem is, many of us out there are just not getting enough, and don’t know what to do about it.

Well folks, after reading hundreds of books, one, and studying people over many years, I have discovered the magic ingredients to help you get more sex. Gender doesn’t matter, if you want more sex, I have the answer to your problem.

First of all, you must realize that men and women are wired differently when it comes to sex. Men think about it and crave it all the time; women on the other hand, while still wanting sex, are geared more toward the EMOTIONAL side as opposed to just the physical.
Here is a psychological study I made a few years ago. I asked one question:

What is a three letter word that begins with a P and ends with a Y?

The vast majority of women said the word was PAY. Men, on the other hand, responded with PUSSY. They claimed that I lied about the word length, and that there WAS NO three letter word. THUS, the difference in thinking.
If a woman wants sex, there’s not a problem. She is definitely in control here. All she as to do is give men the “look” and respond in a sexy manner, and BINGO, sex happens.

Men, on the other hand have to work for it. They have to prove to us that we are not just pieces of meat, and that they truly have some kind of emotional attachment with us, OTHERWISE, it AIN’T gonna happen.

So guys, how DO you get it to happen? Don’t give us lines, give us truth. Tell us we are pretty and MEAN it. Sweep us off our feet. Look into our eyes and explain that you couldn’t take your eyes off of us since we walked in. Then, buy us 10 or 12 drinks until we are too drunk to care and then take us home.NOOOOO!!!!!I’m just kidding.

Talk to us, put us at ease, make us believe that you care for US and NOT just our bodies. Here’s a hint: DON’T STARE AT OUR BOOBS. This immediately sends the wrong signal and chances are you’re NOT getting’ any tonight.

Be respectful, and above all, be yourself. Don’t act like you just read a “How to Pick Up Women” book. We will know and it is an immediate turn off. Read a few joke books or current events so you can carry on a reasonable conversation. Don’t let us do ALL the talking. We will do THAT when we’re married. Hehehehe.

Married guys, this is a simple one for you. Help around the house without being asked. Nothing revs our engines like a man who does dishes, the laundry, or vacuums the house once I a while. These are easy ways to get to the bedroom for some extracurricular activity.

Hey, give it a go; what do you have to lose? If it doesn’t work, you can always write me in Just Ask Sooz and TELL me about it…Good Luck.

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