Why Not Blame the Horoscope When Things Go Wrong

So, you’re having a bad day, things just aren’t going right, and the world seems to be crashing in on you, chances are…It’s your horoscope. That’s what I’m going with anyway.

Let’s say you’re a Pieces…Hmmmmm…I am, what a GREAT example then RIGHT? For just a minute, say you missed a meeting because you slipped on a puddle of water, and you got all muddy. Of course you had to go home and change, you couldn’t very well go to your meeting like THAT now could you?

Was this YOUR fault, of course NOT!!! It was because Mercury was in retrograde and Leo was lapping your Va Jay Jay (Oooooooowww). How could you POSSIBLY make your meeting?

Or, what about that presentation that didn’t go so well the other day? Was that MY fault, I think NOT, it was because Scorpio was too damn close to Virgo, and Aquarius and Mars were playing KICKBALL with Capricorn.. How could that POSSIBLY be MY fault?

You see, I am a BIG believer in Astrology. I believe that the stars control our destiny…NOT!!! But, they ARE a GREAT reason for blaming our most embarrassing moments and our faux pas’s on. (Yes, I KNOW I ended the sentence with a preposition, I just couldn’t HELP it, it FIT so Ooooooow).

Yes, yes, yes, I KNOW this is not the RIGHT thing to do, BUT, it’s just so DAMN easy that I’m gonna keep on doin’ it…Try it, You’ll like it!!!

Until Later

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