Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

My girlfriends invited me to a “naughty gift, party” and while I am not a prude, I didn’t want to attend. After much cajoling, I agreed to go. When my husband asked me where I was going, I just replied that I was going to one of those “girl” parties, you know, like Tupperware.

Well, I got to the party and the hostess had food and wine. Unfortunately, I overindulged on the wine, and bought an expensive vibrator. Luckily, I used my own money so my husband wouldn’t find out.

I had never used a vibrator or any other “devices” before Sooz, but since I purchased it, I decided to use it. OMG, I “loved it”. I have never had such a climax in my entire life. The problem is, now I use it all the time and don’t really feel like making love to my husband as often.

He has asked me why, but I just keep telling I’m that either I am tired, or just not in the mood. What have I done, and how do I fix this?

Out of Control Sex Maniac


Dear Out of Control Sex Maniac:

First off, you have a RIGHT to buy any damn thing you want. Obviously, the extra “grape juice” just put you over the edge and let your freewheeling self out.

I would suggest you tell your husband that you would like to try something new and improved in the bedroom tonight. If he asks, tell him that it’s a surprise. Then, make sure you wear something that will move that man to BURN with desire.

Introduce the toy for both him AND you. This way, you can both partake of the pleasure, and he will be none the wiser. My guess, he will LOVE satisfying you, and seeing how HOT you get when you introduce this tiny womens wonder.

I can see this being used in your bedroom a lot between the two of you from now on. Good luck.



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