Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Dear Diary:

 Today, I have come to you with the greatest of intentions, to hopefully release my inner struggles. My mind is clouded, and my soul broken. Little can I see the glimmer of hope, or the resolve of true contentment.

I remain alone. Sure, I still possess the mark of fading beauty, but the lack of loving commitment, and the ability to share my accomplishments with others, is rapidly fading. I have become like one who lives alone on a floating piece of ice, destined to accept time’s passage, but without the warmth of another’s touch, on a sea of perpetual loneliness.

Time will become my worst foe. As breasts fall, and age lines begin to extend like wheat in the field, so shall my conquests, which help to release the demons within me. Then, like Midas and his gold, all that will remain will be the fruits of my labors, and the greed of my sexual proclivities.

My counselor claims it is just one of my lowest points, yet, while I have had many low points, they have never entered my inner sanctum and became a close reality.

I wonder if others feel as I do? Is there indeed still hope of a happy and fulfilling life, or am I doomed to become that aging woman on a lonely seabed of frozen ice, floating around on that lake of loneliness until my imminent demise?\

Thanks for listening diary, you have become my one refuge for the many storms in my life. Until next time…




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