The Christmas Carol Rejected

Many times great authors have tried for years to get a book or play published. What the general public DOESN’T know, is how many times they have been rejected first. Here is an example.

Dear Mr. Dickens:

We have received your manuscript of A Christmas Carol, and I’m afraid at this time, we must decline publishing your submission. Herein are some of the reasons we felt that it just didn’t meet the necessary criteria for publication.

First and foremost, we saw a rich old miser working in a storefront that was so cold, you can see your breath. We found this to be unbelievable. Based on Mr. Scrooge’s riches, he would have indeed kept the place at a decent temperature, so that he and Bob Cratchet could work longer hours and make more money. We really didn’t think the general public would associate with his character, and would honestly find him unbelievable.

We could see where Marley, his deceased business partner, and the prediction of the three spirits to come were truthfully, a little hokey, and that the audience would have completely lost their attention.

Then, there were the three spirits. I must say, Christmas past and present were entertaining, but, on the other hand, Christmas future, just scared the Bejesus out of us all, and surely would have your audience.

Perhaps if you could soften the Scrooge character, and do away with the Grimm Reaper, the story line would be of a more up and popular write. We thank you for your submission and look forward to re-reading this manuscript after it has been reworked and polished.

Good day.


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