Many of Today’s Most Successful People are High School or College Dropouts…Wait…WHAT??????

Yup, it’s true, many EXTREEMLY successful folks either never finished high school or college. Does that mean I am condoning this…NO, I’m just saying that you don’t NEED to be a book smart person to make googles of dollars.

Case in Point, Woody Allen, famous screenwriter, actor, writer, and just about anything else you can think of claims he was kicked out of New York University for poor grades. He also dropped out of City College of New York as Woody puts it: ““I was thrown out of college for cheating on the metaphysics final. I looked within the soul of the boy sitting next to me.”

Then there is Roman Abramovich, the richest Russian man in Russia. He originally studied at the Moscow State Auto Transport Institute before he took a leave of absence and went into business. He is now a billionaire many times over.

Let’s not forget Bryan Adams, (singer, songwriter) who dropped out of high school and Don Adams of the TV series Get Smart, who also took that high school tumble.

Book smarts, while advantageous when in business or industry, does not always guarantee success. It takes talent, commitment, and lots and lots of hard work to accomplish that.

My advice, stay in school and get as much education as you can, BUT, remember, Dan Aykroyd did it, and so might you with enough determination and talent. Just keep yourself focused, have a dream, and follow that dream until it becomes your reality.

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One thought on “Many of Today’s Most Successful People are High School or College Dropouts…Wait…WHAT??????

  1. My formal education ended with high school, and I’ve always told my kids college is an option but not a requirement — depending on their pursuits. Having a degree is not a guarantee of anything; practical experience, a working knowledge of people and strong communication skills will get you farther in life than a degree.
    Want to be a doctor or physycist? Get a degree.
    Want to own your own restaurant? Roll up your sleeves and work in one.


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