Should Banks Ban Hats and Sunglasses to Avoid Robberies

OK, let’s be silly here for a moment, do you think that banks should ban hats and sunglasses in order to avoid robberies?  Personally, I’m not sure about hats or sunglasses, BUT, I am a HUGE proponent of banning ski masks and firearms.

I mean WOULD banning hats and sunglasses REALLY cut down the number of bank robberies, I say NO!!! People in their wisdom would just say, “Hey, their ON to us…Let’s just take out the cameras ahead of time, THAT way, it really doesn’t really MATTER what the Hell we wear.”

We could go in NAKED as the day we were born, and, except for the huge glares, (Like look how big his JUNK is or, look at the nice ASS on that guy); no one would be the wiser.

This bill is currently in Congress right now, (Things are SLOW in Congress), PLUS, the senators are trying to attach as much PORK to the bill as they possibly can before it goes to a vote.

However, don’t worry bank robbers; this is the American system of Government, the bill probably won’t even make it to the floor for several more years. Good news for you as you can rob MANY more banks and RETIRE before anything actually ever happens.

So…Hats, No Hats, Sunglasses, No Sunglasses, what’s your opinion on this pressing problem.

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5 thoughts on “Should Banks Ban Hats and Sunglasses to Avoid Robberies

  1. What turns around, comes around (or is it the other way round ?). Banks rob us customers in many ways without masks and guns, which they should be wearing when the charges come into one’s account, or, oops, we’ve just lost $7bn from the CEO’s account, “bail us out government, beg, beg !” Oh boy ! xox ❤

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  2. This was what happened to me. On March 5th 2018 I was in the Banco Popular with my father and they have the policy no sunglasses no hats but I saw a gentleman with a hat on making the line so I decided not to remove my hat when I was approached by the teller to remove my hat or I had to leave the bank and I applied when you tell the gentleman to remove his hat I will do the same. I didn’t removed my hat

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