Essays-The Good, The Bad, and Really, Who Gives a Flying @&^%^&**^%

Essays-The Good, The Bad, and Really, Who Gives a Flying @&^%^&**^%

So, my question to you would be, “Who was a more influential essayist, Michel de Montaigne or Francis Bacon?

My answer of COURSE would be…”Who gives a DAMN!!!” I didn’t come here to talk about famous essayists; I came here to talk about my SEX life…NO!!! That wasn’t it, it had something to do with reproduction though, just give me a minute, I’ll get it.

Hmmmmm…Maybe it was about why bunnies are so damn amorous, or, perhaps it was about why May Fly only has sex once and then dies. No… That would be too depressing; it must have been about the sex life of Prince William and Princess Kate, the two royals who seem to have nothing better to do than cuddle up and have babies. That’s HOW Royals have babies by the way, they just cuddle and then Pop Goes The Baby.

 OK, here’s the thing, (Tangent thought), why are we so obsessed with Royals anyway? They are NOT gods on high, sure, they have gazillions of dollars, and go everywhere showing us their pomp and circumstance, but, hey, they don’t even have any government power, so why are they so damn fascinating?

Let’s be honest, Prince William is nowhere NEAR as good looking as say George Clooney, or even the Bachelor, so how in Hell did he get a cute, model featured girl, to marry him? Oh yeah, I keep forgetting…the Gazillion Dollars.

Sorry. I had a loss of touch with reality there and got off the topic. What WAS that topic again? Oh, I don’t know, make one up and discuss at length. I have it…How do the birds and bees DO it? Noooooooooooo, NOT together…Geeeeez, no more questions please…

Until Later…

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