Mother’s Day Thoughts

There is an old French saying that says:

Sans vizier, il n’y aurait pas de bonheur, de comprendre ou d’amour, mais, sans mères, il n’y n’aurait aucun vie. (Without life, there would be no happiness, understand, or Love; Yet, without Mothers, there would be no LIFE!!!)

I bring this to you today because Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. I just wanted to let all of you who are Mothers, I truly admire you. You indeed DO ave the hardest job on Earth, and for THAT, I applaud and admire you.

No one works harder, sleeps less, or goes through the emotional barriers that you do on a regular basis. I raise my glass to you and salute ALL of you for a very difficult, yet loving task.

God Bless You all on this up and coming Mother’s Day!!!



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