Sooz’s Interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton

When I found out that Hillary would be in town, I immediately set up an interview. I’ve wanted to speak with Mrs. Clinton for a long time, so, I called her staff, and she graciously agreed.

Me: So Mrs. Clinton first let me thank you for coming and letting me interview you.

Hillary: It’s MY pleasure Sooz, Oh; just call me Hillary OR Madame President…Hehehehe.

Me: So, it’s been a long grinding road so far, eh, why the Presidency?

Hillary: It was just the next step really;  I’ve already been a Senator from NY, Secretary of State, and of course First Lady, what else WAS there?

Me: How about just relaxing with your millions and enjoying life?

Hillary: What millions? Bill squandered all of that on his many Ho’s…

Me: Ahhhhh,… Right… Let me ask you Hillary, what will be your first act IF you are elected President?

Hillary: Good question Sooz, I plan on painting the White House in Camouflage colors; THAT way, our “Evil Doing” friends will have no more reason to Terrorize The “White” House, as there will BE no more “White” House.

Me: OHHHH KAY then, moving on, what can we expect about turning the economy around?

Hillary: I am VERY excited about this one Sooz, of the approximately 190 million adults currently working, I will be asking each one to donate 100.00 dollars over the course of one year. In doing so, we will raise 19,000,000,000. Between THAT, and our income tax revenue, we should be FLOATING in the dough…

Me: Uh Huh… What will you do to ensure that Social Security will not just get laid by the wayside and put millions of Americans in Jeopardy?

Hillary: I will set up a HUGE day-care facility. The children of these older folks can watch over and take care of them. Certainly the government will donate PART of that 19 Billion dollars and pay for ice cream for all of them.

Me: What makes you so confident that you will WIN the Presidency?

Hillary: Oh, that’s an easy one Sooz, there has NEVER been a woman president, and the female population WANTS one. As luck would HAVE it, I AM one. Just put two and two together and sure as we’ll have Xmas this year, you’ll get 22, EVERY TIME!!! I’m a shoe in!!!

Me: Well, Hillary, I’m afraid that’s all the time we have, thank you for coming, and good luck in the race. May the BEST candidate win.

Remember: ” If it’s NOT by Sooz, it’s NOT the News…..”

Until Later…

2 thoughts on “Sooz’s Interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton

  1. Looking at the upcoming presidential nominees on the horizon, I think I’d rather draw a random social security number and make that person president. The odds of a good one who isn’t beholden to special interests are certainly better than the alternative. Assuming they would accept the position. 😉

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