What If??????????????

What If???????

These are my favorite questions to ask because they give me a good cross section of how REAL people act. For example:

What if while walking along your merry way, you discovered a duffle bag full of money. The count is substantial, yet it contains NO ID or anything useful to help find the person who either dropped, or left it. Would you…

  1. Take it to the police and let THEM deal with it?
  2. Put an add in the paper merely stating that a duffle bag full of “unknown” contents were found while leaving your home phone number.


  1. Keep the money and SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

Now, don’t just say you’d take it to the Police unless that’s what you would really do. Me—I would surely take it to the police—NOT!!!!!!! I would keep the money and SHUT THE HELL UP….I would, however donate the money to all reasonable charities that deserve it like:

  1. Sue’s feed a hungry stomach fund.
  2. Help support the party of the week fund.
  3. Sue’s get out of jail free cash by bribing a police officer.
  4. Sue’s get and support a gigolo fund.
  5. Cash to help girls “in need” from using the support a gigolo fund.
  6. Helping alcoholics rehabilitate through the Have more sex fund.
  7. Getting STUPID cats removed from trees.
  8. Removal of stupid dogs who bark at stupid cats while up those trees.
  9. The Feed a Cold, Starve a fever fund????????????????? My mother used to say that, what can you do???

    10. Save the whales, flying pigs, zebras, hyenas, oh, and those poor, poor May Flies. Poor things only have sex only once and then die…Someone HELP them PLEASE!!!!

So, this is what I would do with the money, how about YOU????



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