Verbal Pet Peeves of Mine

Is it just me, or is there someone else out there that gets annoyed when someone uses the WRONG usage of the English language? While true, I am NOT the language police; (Yes…very once in a blue moon, I TOO will use the wrong grammar, or mess up a saying GET OVER IT!!!), some things that people say REALLY get under my skin.

Irregardless—I actually SHUDDER when I hear people use this incorrectly. Listen…There IS no word Irregardless. The correct usage is merely regardless.

Now I admit, sometimes I am my own worst enemy, as rarely do I stop and correct someone from saying this annoying word. In my head, I am shouting…”USE the word REGARDLESS!!!!!!!!!!” which doesn’t really CORRECT anything, so in a way, it is really MY fault for not correcting them.

My Bad…Don’t get me started on this one…Look; I understand it’s FUN to say, and that nearly EVERYONE is saying it, but WHY?? It sounds like something out of the Frankenstein era…”Fire GOOOOOD!!!!!” Remember when we actually used to APOLOGISE for our mistakes? “Oh, I’m sorry, I messed that up”. Or “I didn’t mean to offend you”…I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m just getting older, but I much prefer THAT then “My Bad!!!!!”

Empathize or Sympathize, OK, this one is used WRONG all the time. Again folks, this MAY just be me, but when used incorrectly, it feels like fingernails being pulled down a LONG chalk board. Let me help you out here if you are one of those folks who MAY use this word incorrectly.

Empathize— is to feel empathy WITH another…To experience a SHARED feeling or feelings that another is going through.

Sympathize—to feel or express compassion or sympathy (for); commiserate: he sympathized with my troubles.

There are a couple more that tighten my jaw, but these are the most common misuses that I come across. So tell me, is it just ME, or does anyone else share the same feelings? Let me know.

Until Later…


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