Jury Duty Should Not be Mandatory

 Guess what I just got in the mail the other day? If you guessed that I just won The Publishers Clearing House prize of 10 Gazillion Dollars…Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, you’d be wrong. I just received a notification for jury duty.


OK, here’s the thing, I’m sorry Uncle Sam, but I am WAAAAAY too busy to attend jury duty at this time. Yes, I know I can postpone it; But, I am just one of those wild and crazy people who feel that it SHOULDN’T be a MANDATORY thing.

Now before you get behind the flag and say, “But it’s your duty Sooz”, ask yourself just one question, “Why isn’t VOTING mandatory then?  Ah huh, I THOUGHT so…


I say, if you HAVE to sit on a jury, the LEAST they (Looks around carefully), the government could do is let you PICK your own case. I mean WHO in their right mind WANTS to sit on a boring civil trial? Give me some meat and potatoes people, you know, a nice murder trial or a major fraud case.

At least THIS way, I would still be AWAKE to listen, evaluate, and decide on the verdict. Put me on a boring trial and I will be asleep in ten minutes. Are you listening out there lawmakers???

I am SURE there must be some folks out there who would just LOVE to sit in on a nice boring civil case. Let THEM be the ones to sit there then.

All I’m saying is that I don’t believe it should be MANDATORY. Why not poll the people and SEE who’s interested in what kinds of trials and then use THEM.

Don’t misunderstand me, I realize we all have duties and obligations that need to be fulfilled, all I’m asking is to use folks who have the time and WANT to do it first.

OK….I have officially just stepped off my soap box…WAIT!!! Is that a black Government SUV sitting outside my driveway? YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!!!

Until Later…








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