If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It IS!!!

I would like to address writing for a living. Writing is a WONDERFUL way to make a living, the problem is, even if you have been published, or self-published, unless you had a HIT idea that appeals to the masses, you make very little money. That’s the truth of it.

Back me up folks, those of you who have been published, am I wrong? All that I am saying is that ANYONE can write a good book, the TROUBLE is getting PAID for it through royalties. SURE it CAN happen, BUT, believe me; the odds are “NOT” in your favor.

If you REALLY want to make good money in writing, write copy. Yup, it is a very lucrative field and one that PAYS the dividends. OK, I can hear you asking, “Then why doesn’t EVERYBODY do this?” The answer is, not a lot of people know about it, OR, takes the time necessary to become GOOD at it.

“What do I mean, you ask?” Well, here’s the thing, writing copy is something that takes practice, and know how. You might be a bestselling author yet SUCK at writing copy. There is a formula which has to be learned, and then practiced before you can become good and make real money.

What is copy? Copy is basically any kind of writing. Usually, the copy that makes the most money, relates to letters. YUP, writing letters for companies who want to SELL you things. Magazine subscriptions, Surround Tubs, Golf products, etc.

There are literally hundreds of letters than can be written to aid a company make more money.  Again, the catch is to learn HOW to do it correctly. Interested, go to the library and get a book on copywriting. Then, learn the basics. After you get a good handle on the basics, write to just about any company where your interest lies, whether it’s wine, or golf, or gardening.

Explain that you would love to write copy for them. Odds are, they will give you a shot. They are ALWAYS looking for good copywriters. Then, have at it… Within one year, if you are any good, you may very well earn up to 50-70K for 4 to 12 hours/week worth of real work. After that, the sky’s the limit.

Here’s the thing though, do this on your OWN… Remember, online, there are MANY good copywriters who want to HOOK you up with THEIR courses, the only problem is, all they want is your MONEY. Remember…If it SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS!!!!!!



One thought on “If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It IS!!!

  1. This is a writing option I hadn’t really heard about before. Great way to write and earn money. Much better than my way of keeping a consuming day job that pays the bills and writing in my “spare” time 🙂


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