What Does The Forth of July Mean to Americans

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So, (Don’t ya just hate that when somebody opens with that?), exactly what IS The Forth of July anyway? Well, yes, it IS the day after the third, of course, but most of us remember it for family gatherings, eating all kinds of goodies fresh off the Bar-B-Q, and who can forget all those wonderful loud, ear splitting fireworks? Oh yeah, it’s ALSO the birthday of our Country.

Let us never forget the men who paid the highest price, so that our TEA wouldn’t be taxed. Seriously…What was England THINKING anyway? How could they POSSIBLY think that we wouldn’t go to war over all that tax on tea? I mean, WE were native Englanders who helped keep the flow and sale of tea going around the world with our three o’clock tea times.

Well, the British got pissed when we threw all their tea over into the Boston harbor, so NATURALLY they had to declare WAR on us. Think about it… A flea bag, small ass country, fresh over from England, against the world’s greatest naval armada of the time. Compared to them, we were fighting with pea shooters and water balloons…And YET, we prevailed. We are STILL not being told what was IN those balloons…

It just goes to show what belief in one’s self, determination, and LOTS of whiskey can do to help win a war. I hope all of you and your families have a very Happy Fourth of July, and may you all get to take your 3:00 PM tea time…

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