Gear Up for Ice Cream Day

Tuesday, July 7th. is National Ice Cream Day. That’s right America, for all you tongue licking, lip smackin’ cold, get down into over 1000 different kinds of ice cream, it’s YOUR day.

Hot day, cold day, rain, wind, or snowing, if you’re an ice cream lover, you’ll be sucking on some of that creamy taste of Heaven. For me, my favorite is Rocky Road; you can BET your last dollar, MY lips will be around some of that goodness.

 Ice Cream Facts:

  1. 90% of Americans like ice cream.
  2. The country with the MOST ice cream consumption is New Zealand, followed by the USA.
  3. The tallest ice cream ever scooped was from Italy—Over 9 ft. tall.
  4. Most of the vanilla used to make ice cream comes from Madagascar and Indonesia.
  5. The most popular ice cream topping is…(Drum Roll Please…) Chocolate Syrup.

So on July 7th. I want you to run to your stores, or Dairy Queens, or, Ben and Jerry’s and buy your favorite ice cream treat. Start your mouths watering.

Until Later…

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