Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

Yesterday, was our 21st. wedding anniversary and my husband completely forgot. I am pissed Sooz, and I am thinking of withholding sex as a reminder of what a stupid uncaring ass he is.

He would always be very caring and attentive to my birthdays and our wedding anniversaries, but within the last couple of years, it’s as if he doesn’t care. Do you think there is something wrong with our marriage or what? I’ll admit, since we have gotten older, our sex life hasn’t been hat it used to be, but, I always seemed to think he was OK with it.

Can you help me here?

Distressed in Detroit


Dear Distressed in Detroit:

Honey, unless your husband is a hundred years old, that male drive of his may have slowed, but it is STILL alive and well in his penis. Try to rekindle that flame again. Buy some new lingerie; cook his favorite dinner, light some candles, and tell him that he is the MOST exciting man in the world, even IF he looks like King Kong.

It’s ALL about the male ego baby. Show him that you still want and need him. Whisper sweet bullshit nothings in his ear and tell him that he is the only man on this planet for you. If you continuously keep this up, I guarantee, he will NEVER forget another anniversary. Good luck…



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