Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

My husband and I are having an argument and I was hoping you could resolve it for us. My husband says that during sex, there is a good chance that I will only have one orgasm, while I say, that as long as he is “attentive to business”, I should be able to have multiple orgasms.

I say this because when I masturbate, I seem to have at least 3 or 4. My husband claims that it is “not” him but me, who has the problem when we make love. I am a very sexual person Sooz, and I feel that I could have at least 2, maybe 3 orgasms. What do you say about this issue?

Frustrated Frau

Dear Frustrated Frau:

I KNOW how you feel. I too am able to have MULTIPLE orgasms when my partner is as you put it. “attentive to business”. Personally, I believe that MOST women are able to have multiple orgasms if their partner wants to keep on going, and is loving.

I think that a lot of men…NOT all of them, but many, after reaching THEIR orgasm, seem to tire. As a result, many are NOT really interested in “staying the course” after his partner has achieved her own pleasure.

Of course, this is just MY opinion, and what I have experienced in my OWN sex life. Certainly their are MANY men that DO want to do what ever they can to make sure his partner is COMPLETELY satisfied.

Understanding your concern, I would sit him down and have a nice talk with him. Remind him that a HAPPY WIFE equals A HAPPY LIFE!!!!!! Good luck…


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