Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I have a question for you. Actually, I am a little embarrassed to ask this, but is it considered rape if your husband has sex with you when you’re passed out drunk? You see Sooz, I, like you, am an alcoholic. The only difference is that I have not yet decided I want to stop.

You see, my husband likes me to get drunk, and then take advantage of me when I am asleep. I have never been one for having sex a lot, but my husband’s sexual appetite is voracious.

Honestly, I wake up sometimes to find that he has actually sodozimed me. Now I am not a prude Sooz, but, I am drunk mostly every night, and as such, wake up to slime all over and in me the next morning.

I honestly don’t know what he does half the time, but I do find semen coming from my mouth and in my “anal cavity”. I have asked him to stop and he says he will, but he never does. What can I do?

Drunk In Michigan

Dear Drunk In Michigan:

Rape IS considered to be any sexual act WITHOUT consent from the woman. Now, if you continue to LIVE with your husband, and are NOT giving him constant, THEN, it could be considered rape.

The question comes down to how much you LOVE your husband. If you are NOT willing to leave him, then a court of law MAY look at it as “WILLINGNESS” to accept the things he is doing under the marriage laws.

This indeed is a tricky question. If you have a good relationship with your husband, sit him down and discuss it FIRMLY. Tell him you love him, but you are uncomfortable with what he has been doing to you while you are passed out drunk.

I would suggest marriage counseling, or perhaps sex therapy for you BOTH. This may help put things on a more even keel. I will send you some names and also some info on alcoholism if and when you are ready. I sincerely wish you much luck.

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