Just Ask Sooz

Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

This may not seem like a usual, just ask Sooz post, but, none the less, I have a situation that is a problem. You see, my husband is an avid camper. I’m not just talking about camping in a cabin, or even with an RV, I’m talking about sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags, while living in a god awful tent.

Sooz, I knew he enjoyed camping, but I thought he meant like in a cabin with hot and cold running water, maybe even some kind of cook stove that I could slave over for our meals, not a propane tin can.

I have expressed my displeasure with this style of camping, however, he says, “ You’ll love it.” Guess what Sooz, I won’t love it, in fact, I already want to take a shower ‘cause I feel dirty just thinking about it. This is what he wants to do for our first anniversary, help me!

Sleeping Bag Sharon


Dear Sleeping Bag Sharon:

While I agree with your logic, (I too like the luxuries of indoor plumbing), come ON girl, First Year Anniversary???? What a romantic one he is huh? I suppose there are lions and tigers and bears there also, right? Maybe, you  could take a selfie with the Bears…YIKES!!!

Look, love is all about sharing. Explain to him that you’ll be GLAD to go, But, HE has to sleep in the bag with the bears, while YOU find a nice hotel with all the creature comforts near by.

Explain that since you love him very much, you will go with him BUT…Next year, it’s a trip to Paris, NO SLEEPING BAGS!!! By the way, don’t snore like a BEAR…Oh wait, that IS a bear…Sorry…Smiles…




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