I Hate Mosquitoes

I Hate Mosquitoes

The title says it all, I HATE MOSQUITOES… OK, hate is such a strong word, let’s just say I dislike them to the “N”Th. Degree. For those of you not familiar with such higher mathematics terminology, that stands for THEY SUCK!!!!!!

One little mother F****&^*$$^&&(*+ just bit me on the boob, and then another bit me on the OTHER boob WTF????????!!!!!!??? . Now I am itching worse than having poison ivy MIXED with fleas. I look like I am feeling myself up in an office full of hungry, testosterone filled men.

Think about it, what the HELL are they good for anyway, I’ll tell ya what, absolutely NOTHING… I mean you can’t keep them as pets. One minute you’re feeding them, and the next, their BITING you in the ASS!!! The ONLY useful purpose they serve is to be offered up as food for other animals on a higher plane.

They are useless pieces of *&^%$* in MY opinion. They spread diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, dengue fever and more;  so WHY, in God’s good creation would we NEED them? The animals could feast on OTHER insects to live, without upsetting the ECO system… I say KILL the BEAST!!!! Who’s with me?

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