Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

My son is in the Navy and is being deployed for 6 months. The problem is, my daughter-in-law, will be moving in with me, and honestly, she is a slob. I mean I love her, but, you see, I am a good housekeeper and I’m afraid she will upset my way of living.

She is somewhat on the lazy side and I’m afraid that she won’t help me keep it that way. I’m also afraid that she won’t help chip in with “her” portion of the work. What should I do?

Lazy Lucy

Dear Lazy Lucy:

Grow a pair and just lay out the rules when she gets there. Explain that while you love having her there, SHE needs to pick up her slack and help you. There is absolutely NO reason why she can’t help with the basic chores since you are putting HER up.

If she DOESN’T help out, start cooking for yourself and just do your OWN wash. Eventually, she should GET the hint! I wish you luck. By the way, when you speak to your son, tell him THANK YOU for his service.

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