My Drunk Diaries

I’m starting a new series about my OWN drinking problems, hopefully, it MAY raise awareness for someone else who has fallen into the same downward spiral that I had.

Thirteen, MY day of reckoning; my father had already passed, and my mother was already in a drunken stupor by eleven AM, so I decided just to see what all this alcohol stuff was about anyway.  I was always curious as to what the taste would be like (Curious little cat that I am), so I decided to see firsthand and try it out.

MY mother was basically a beer drunk, but the liquor cabinet was ALWAYS filled with just about any kind of liquor you wanted. There was Bourbon, Vodka, Rum, Gin, all the liqueurs, and even a few bottles of wine stored in a chilled in a chilling contraption.

I REALLY don’t know WHY I decided to drink, I SAW what it did to my mother on a daily basis, I guess I just wanted to do what kids DO and experiment.

So, into the liquor cabinet I went. I was determined I was gonna try EVERYTHING that was in there, taste by taste. Of course, being a teenager, I had NO FEAR of anything happening to ME like I saw daily from my mother. I was above that, No WAY I was gonna get drunk from just trying out a little bit of this and a little bit of that. After all, my MOTHER was a DRUNK, I was invincible.

I opened the liquor cabinet, and my adventure of self-destruction began. A shot glass or ten was all I really needed I imagined, after all, I watched TV. People would always order a shot and a beer and just chug it down like there was no tomorrow. No ill effects seemed to come to THEM!!!

First, I took a shot of Rum…HOLY @*@#$^$$#$^$…It BURNED my esophagus ALL the way down. Then, I thought, maybe if I drank it WITH something as a mixer, it would go down easier. The only mixer we had in the house was orange juice so THAT would be my mixer.

Once again, I took a Shot of Rum, but THIS time I chased it with some OJ…NOT BAD. So my journey began, Vodka, Gin, Bourbon, Liqueurs, you name it, I tried it.  At first, I started to feel all warm on the inside, then giddy, then suddenly, I felt SICK. No one on TV got sick, what had I done wrong?

Let’s just say the next part wasn’t pretty, I threw up ALL over my clothes, and continued to throw up until I woke up three hours later. My mother had awoken; saw the mess after looking at me and it was game over. I had a hangover the size of Chicago, and a drunken irate mother to boot. I SWORE there would NEVER be a next time…

Until Later…



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