Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

Please help me. I am  22 year old college student who likes to party and have fun. Yes, sometimes I do over imbibe, but, I usually remember what happened the day after.

Last night I went to the pub with a few of my friends. We danced, had some drinks, played darts, etc. All of a sudden I started to feel sick like I was going to pass out.

I started to leave, but the next thing I remember, I awoke in a dorm room with some guy I hardly knew. I was in bed, naked, with my clothes scattered all over the room. I don’t remember anything and I am so embarrassed.

I asked the guy if we had sex and he said no, we just made out and that was all. Sooz, I don’t know “what to believe”. I don’t know if he, or one of his friends drugged me, or if I just had way too much to drink.

I was thinking about going to campus police, but I really don’t have any viable evidence. What should I do?

Jaded Jenna


Dear Jaded Jenna:

First off, GO to the campus police and have a rape kit done. While you MAY have been in a state of extreme intoxication, it doesn’t sound like it to me. There are so many different kinds of rape drugs out there now that I wouldn’t take that chance.

The next time you go out, have a couple drinks to relax, THEN, switch to soda or some other kind of non-alcoholic drink. Believe me, I have been in your shoes, ease up on the drinking. I can relate to what YOU’RE saying in addition to possibility getting a venereal disease. I wish you much luck Darlin’…Now GO!!!!



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