To Cheat, or Not to Cheat…THAT is The Question

Did you know that Divorce is the number one cause of marriage dissolution? ANYONE CATCH THAT??? ANYONE??? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, breathing in all this cold Argentina air has made me a little how you say…LOCO!!!

Seriously, (Yeah, right), 17% of all marriages dissolve due to cheating. One interesting fact is that while married men, cheat at an alarming 70% of the time, women, admitted to having an affair between 50-60 percent of the time. No WONDER there re so many divorces.

Why not just live together and then FUCK who EVER the Hell you wanna FUCK!!! Wouldn’t that make it a LOT easier I mean, when they split? So many people get married on a WHIM as opposed to actually THINKING about it beforehand.

EVERYBODY has a few problems people, become AWARE of them. For example:

Does he/she drink heavily?

Is he/she fucking him entire Fleet when they’re in town NOW?

Is his Penis made of JELLO?

Is her Vagina SO tight, you couldn’t even get a piece of SAND up there?

What kind of a drunk IS/she…A.—Happy…B.—Mean…or C.—Gender transitioning?

Come ON folks, these are things you HAVE to KNOW head of time, OTHERWISE, you are just in for a disaster…

Cheating is caused by a number of factors, BUT, the two most common ones are:

  1. I HATE my spouse and wanna get a piece of FRESH.
  2. My spouse Fucks like a Zombie, let’s try a LIVE one this time.

Don’t get me WRONG, I’m not AGAINST marriage, JUST The part that says you have to screw the same person day after day for the REST of your natural born LIVES!!!!

OK, never mind what I said folks, I’m SURE there is a deserving person out there just right for YOU, well, at least for a WHILE…

Until Later…



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