My Drunk Diaries—Sex For Six

My club days…Ahhhhh!!!!  These were some of my most fun,  yet also licentious days. There was a time I would hit the clubs EVERY night, drink till I could barely stand, and then wake up the next morning in strange surroundings with a VARIETY of,  hopefully not serial killer men or women.

Yes, I KNOW what you’re gonna say, “How would you know if they ever used protection, what about venereal disease or worse? Well, right you are. You see, back then, I really didn’t care, I was on a path of self degradation.

Hey, my mother was a drunk, my father killed himself in front of me, and I just didn’t GIVE a flying fuck about me or anybody else. I was slowly self-destructing.  So, I drank, got drunk, and spun the wheel of life to see where it took me.

One night at a club in Monaco, (That Nation will never be the same), per usual, I started partying around 9PM. Back THEN, I was a REAL LOOKER, and was used to being hit on by LOTS of men. That night, I was looking for a good looking woman, however, to have some “FUN”.

I hooked up with one at the bar and bought her a drink.  She was a gorgeous blonde, and like me, was stacked nicely in all the right places. She mentioned that she wasn’t really into women, but after a few drinks, she seemed to lose her woman on woman rule.

Around 11:00, two cute guys came over to buy us drinks and chat us up. After doing shooters and Vodka cranberries, we were both feeling “no pain”. I think the WHOLE bar heard us giggling and talking a little TOO loud.

One of the guys got on his phone and made a phone call, half hour later; another couple came in and came over to the table.  Shooter after shooter later, the couple asked me and this other girl (Let’s call her Mandy), IF we had EVER had group sex.

By NOW, I would have agreed to strip naked and dance on the bar. We both answered no. Then, the woman asked me if we’d like to TRY it. In my best drunken slurred voice I said Shuuuuuuuuuure!!!

We went back to the COUPLES place, stripped naked, and well the rest I will let you use your imaginations. Let’s just say that the guys went “around the world” without even taking a suitcase.

I woke up the next mornin’ at the bottom of this gigantic king bed, with a HUGE hangover, and “GUNK” all over me….I was embarrassed, hurting, and once again swore to myself that I would NEVER do it again. Who was I kidding?

Until later…





4 thoughts on “My Drunk Diaries—Sex For Six

  1. I find this very intriguing and appreciate your sharing this intriguing experience, we all have them but no table top to date. Enjoyed the anecdote!


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