Just Ask Sooz

Just Ask Sooz

I get letters from people all the time, some, I can print, others I choose NOT to based on privacy, OR because they are really NOT Just Sooz candidates. I am printing THIS one because truthfully, I thought of a funny reply.

Just so the letter writer knows, I hold NO ill will OR am I demeaning your letter, (Well, maybe just a little bit for humor purposes), I just didn’t think it was appropriate to send into THIS forum.

Dear Sooz:

The question I am about to ask may sound strange, but here goes nothing. My wife and I are on the same wireless plan and we get a total of two Giga-bytes of data between us.

Now, in the big picture, two Giga-bytes of data sounds like an impossible amount of data for two people to consume, however, each month we are notified that the amount used, is seventy five percent of our total data allowed with just three days before our plan renews for the next month.

Personally, I use about one and a half gigs of data. My wife plays games a lot, and is afraid we are going to go over our data plan if I continue to play internet games.

We have never gone over the amount provided, but, she gets all weirded out about this whole data thing. She rants and raves about it, even though I explain that the games I play, and what her usage is, will never trip the plan.

What can I do to get her to understand this concept and get off my back? She is driving me nuts.

Data Watcher Wayne


Dear Data Watcher Wayne:

Do I LOOK like a WIRELESS provider here?????

As I see it, you have three choices:

  1. Get the HELL off your phone and satisfy her. This way, you BOTH win.
  2. Buy more Giga-bytes/month for the small cost it is… And…
  3. LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE with this petty stuff

People have REAL problems out there, now, GO BUY THOSE EXTRA MINUTES, make passionate love to your wife, and MOVE ON!!!


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