Labor Day-Shmaber Day- Rant

Labor Day-Shmaber Day- Rant

Labor Day, what a great holiday, all the major stores are open; and people working in the entertainment industry, especially, are working their behinds off, so the FEW that ARE off work, can enjoy a little pleasure.

Guess what, I’m at work, and will CONTINUE to be so until I finish. Aye CA- rumba!!! WHY must it be this way? Yes, OK, I COULD be off ANY day so… “Don’t weep for ME Argentina.” I just find it amusing, AND sad, that a vast portion of OUR society STILL has to toil away.

Labor Day was originally recognized as a National Holiday June 28th, 1894, and we have been WORKING ever since. WTF???? In MY opinion, everyone in the work force should be off enjoying their families, except for those who provide for the ABSOLUTE NECCESSITIES such as gasoline purchases, food stores with LIMITED hours, and of course MOVIE Theatres.

Yes, I said MOVIE theatres. Everyone needs SOME form of entertainment, and THAT one, is mine. Is that being selfish? I’ve been told before I MIGHT just be a bit narcissistic, of course, my first reaction to THAT would be, “Screw THEM,” what do THEY know?

Anyway, (Terrible Segway, don’t EVER do this), Labor Day was originally established because Congress woke up one morning, and decided, HEY, THEY had been working Waaaaaaaaaaaay to much. They were exhausted after working their four day a month work schedule…To RECTIFY this, they decided to enact Labor Day. This would be a one day a year Nirvana, they could go fishing, be with their families, or just think of new ways to screw with the American public.

Now they KNEW it would look selfish if THEY were the ONLY folks taking advantage of this holiday, so, they decided to give ALL Americans that much needed respite from their labor intensive work weeks. That’s why ALL Americans love Congress today. God Bless America, enjoy your day off folks.

Until Later…





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