Famous Art, or Insanity,YOU Decide

Study the paintings above. Notice at the detail, the color interpretation, and the sheer mastery of the brush strokes.

Do these remind you of Monet, Renoir, or perhaps Gauguin? Actually, they are all from a well known artist of the Twentieth Century, Alolph Hitler. That’s right, the cruel,  inhumaine, and savage monster who killed so many, was also quite an accomplished artist.

Hitler envisioned himself as an artist, a painter who would one day be considered among the great artists of Europe. He was confident in his resolve, and maybe just a little cocky in the way he spoke about his “gifted” work.

In October 1907, at the age of eighteen, he decided to try his hand out for the passion he so loved, and took the entrance exam for the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He was VERY confident that he would pass the exam, as he envisioned himself to be a great artist.

He was met by a devastating blow when he was told that his entrance drawings were so poor and that he would never become the artist he had so hoped to be. Being frustrated by rejection, he fell into despair, and returned home to Germany vowing he would try again the following year.

 The following year, he once again, packed his bags, and moved to an apartment in Austria to brush up on his painting skills, and retake the entrance exam at the Vienna Academy. Entrance day exam came, and young Hitler proudly displayed his new set of drawings.

When the Academy’s elite viewed his drawings, they immediately dismissed them as amituristic and unworthy of the talent their school was associated. Once again, young Hitler was crushed,  he wandered through Vienna, spent all of his money, and became destitute. Begging, was now his only source if income.

It was DURING this time, he developed his political and racial philosophies. My thoughts…What would have happenned if the art school had accepted him? Would that have changed the course of History, or are we LOCKED into a predetermined state of life? WHat do YOU think?

Until Later…

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