Remembering America

My usual style of writing is trying to make you giggle through humor. Today, I am saddened, reminded by the flags at half mast across the country honoring those men and women who gave their lives on that *Black Tuesday Morning* of 9/11.

Everyone keenly remembers where they were that horrific day. Personally, I was at work when the first plane hit the tower. Shock and dismay came over me, as I watched in TOTAL disbelief as the tower exploded. Cinder blocks and steel crumbled that day, the SHOWPIECE of America’s financial castles in ruin.

 This was NOT happening my mind kept telling me. It MUST have been an accident. A few minutes past, and another plane hit the SECOND tower. The TV commentator announced that it was a TERRORIST attack and that we, as Americans, should ALL be vigilant.

Immediately, firefighters, police, FBI, and others raced in to see what they could do to help save the trapped, burned, or injured. Within an hour and forty two minutes, however, both towers had fallen to the ground.

We lost 2996 good people that day, MANY, were among the rescue teams who so selflessly gave THEIR lives in the hope of saving others. Fourteen years later and we STILL remember it like yesterday.

Let us bow our heads in a moment of silence as we honor ALL those brave souls who lost their lives that day. May their souls be at peace, and let US remember then TODAY, and FOREVER. God Bless America.





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