Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

Please help me if you can, I certainly need some advice. My parents divorced when I was sixteen, and it was bitter. Currently, I am 26 and my Dad is getting re-married.

Here’s the problem, my parents ‘both’ hate each other and my Mum doesn’t want me to go to the wedding. My Dad insists that I come, as I am currently his only child.

I am torn Sooz, I’m getting different advice from everyone. My Mum says that If I go, then she will have nothing to do with me. My father hasn’t come right out and used those words, but has implied it several times.

I have a great relationship with both of my parents and I am afraid no matter what I do, I am screwed. To me, it just seems so petty on their parts, and it’s leaving me holding the bag.

Wedding Bell Blues


Dear Wedding Bell Blues:

Here’s how I see it. You are an only child to both of them, and they BOTH love you. I personally can’t believe they are putting you in this terrible situation.

I believe that no matter WHAT you do, you will reap the consequences, however, since they BOTH love you and want to keep your relationship going, I believe the hurt will pass swiftly and things will go back to normal.

The other solution is to call in SICK for the wedding, that way you solve BOTH problems. I WOULD say talk to each of them, BUT, it appears they are still both carrying big chips on their shoulders and I’m afraid this would be moot.

I certainly don’t envy you, and I wish you much success in dealing with this tangled web of immaturity. Here’s a last minute thought, if you DO go, buy your Mum some flowers and give her something sentimental from YOU. Hopefully this will unharden her heart. Good Luck…


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