Common Questions People Write Me


Am I really a Woman?

I have just consulted my Vagina and it says YES!!! 

Am I really Irish, and do I have red hair?

Let’s just say I could DRINK you under the table, and YES, the carpet matches the drapes. What the F**K does that mean anyway? 

Are you REALLY a nymphomaniac, or is it an act?

Let’s just say my sex drive is like dominos, one down and the rest will fall.…


Is it TOUGH having such a strong sex drive?

Let’s just say the people I’ve worn OUT would say YES!!!


I see you online a lot, don’t you work?

Yes, I do. I open my computer to this site and just leave it on all day. In the meantime, I work my ASS off. Between home and at work I put in about 60 hrs. + a week.


When do you get the time, and inspiration to write?

Usually, I write after 9PM and will often write 2 articles at that time. I’ve been blessed as for the inspiration, the Spirit just writes THROUGH me.


Have you ever been in a long term relationship?

I had one for a week and a half once, my drinking always ruined it. I mean, who wants to date a drunk unless it’s just for sex? Don’t get me wrong, the sex is always good for me, but NOW am looking for a lasting relationship.


What made you finally want to get into rehabilitation?

A week before I went, I woke up in the Hospital. I had OD’d on alcohol, and they told me I was lucky, I almost died.


Are you happy with your life?

Hmmmmm, overall, yes. I love my job and the other ventures I am involved in, but, I have never had an honest relationship. That’s my NEXT goal. It’s hard because I work and travel a lot. I am also worried about my hyperactive sex drive, I feel if I can control the urges, I may have a shot.


Can you cook and how do you feel about kids?

Yes, I CAN cook and I love children, especially with eggs and toast. Seriously, at 44 I really don’t see that happening anymore.











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