Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I am a 36 yearold woman with a horrendous fear of riding the ferris wheel. As a kid, my father would take me to the amusement park and make me ride this huge wheel in the sky. I told him I didn’t want to ride it but he insisted and said I had nothing to fear.

Then, he would rock the damn chair, which would make me ball like a baby. I have been afraid of them ever since. I have just met a wonderful man, the only problem is, he is a huge amusement park and fair type of guy.

I just know he is going to want to ride that death machine, how can I do this when I am scared out of my mind?

Scardy Cat

Dear Scardy Cat:

OK, I am NOT a liscenced Therapist or Psychologist, but, I DO know a thing about trauma. What your father did to you was cruel, what HE thought was just good natured fun, to YOU it was torture. Rocking the damn car…UNBELIEVABLE…???…

It’s no WONDER you have a panic attack everytime you think about it. In MY experience, the best thing to do in order to face your fears is to get right back on that scary horse and stare it in the eye.

If your boyfriend WANTS to go on the ferris wheel, say OK, BUT, make sure he knows there will be NO rocking. Have him hold you tight, and talk to you to help act as a distraction. You will NOT be cured the first time, but hopefully, after several rides of easy does it, and no rocking , your fear of this once dreaded experience will dissapate, and you will be able to finally enjoy the sights at the top. Good luck on this one.


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