Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I have been married to my husband for over 20 years, recently, he claims that I have started to snore sounding like a building being demolished. Admittedly, he is a light sleeper so I have bunked into the spare room.

The problem is, he is retiring soon and wants to start crusing the world. I am afreaid that I will just keep him up all night and that ‘neither’ of us will benefit from the sound of my Moose calling everynight. Any thoughts on this one?

No Rest For the Wicked

Dear No Rest For the Wicked:

While snoring has been an age old annoyance for ever, NOW, there are MANY things on the market which can quiet your trumpeting. These include:

* Nasal Sprays

* Nose Strips

* Mouth Pieces

* Chin Straps

* Change your Pillows

* Rinoplasty

* Avoiding Alcohol

* Get a C-PAP system

Depending whether or not you have sleep Apenea is the big thing. If you do, the C-PAP machine works WONDERS to help eliminate your snoring. See your Dr. for a sleep study to see what he/she reccommends, and put that Trumpet calling nose of yours to rest. Good luck…

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