Here We Go Again

 Sooz strikes again, THIS time plumbing. My faucet in my bathroom sink started to leak last night, and so I figured I would roll up my big girl panties and fix it. I’ll admit, my track record with DIY isn’t that great but I was DETERMINED.

Got my hammer, screwdriver and heavy duty wrench ready to tackle the job. By the way, that’s what I bring it to ALL my DIY projects, I used to also bring in a big bottle of Vodka but now I just bring Iced tea.

So I see the leak and figure it’s just a washer right? Luckily, I had spare parts from when the plumber fixed it the LAST time, so I was pretty confident I KNEW how this repair was gonna go.

I had to unscrew the top, replace the washer and rubber spacer, screw and tighten the top, and Taaaa Daaaa, my plumbing job would be complete. Easy ,Right? Well, in theory, yes, in PRACTICE….BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got in there with my handy plumbers wrench and placed it tightly around the handle. I turned, NOTHING. Again I labored a little harder…ZIP! Now understand, I was DETERMINED here, I don’t know the MEANING of the word defeat.

With all my power I shoved that wrench around until….Oops, I BROKE The damn thing. What the F*&K is WRONG with me? Why can’t I DO this? I was sooooooo frustrated, I went next door to my HUNK neighbor and aske him to come over.

It was late so all he could do was shut of the water, but in the end, he got HIS treat for coming over anyway. In the morning, I called the plumber and had it fixed… No more DIY Sooz for me, next time, I’m callin’ in the BIG guns to take care of my repairs.


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