Life Question Answered


Yesterday, Boston Bill wrote this question. I thought it was intriguing, so below is my response.

I know that this has been on here before but it is still an interesting question.

“IF you could be God for 5 minutes, what one thing would you change or do with that power”? 

Why?  Think about your answer carefully… Remember that other people will get their turn after you.  Would you change something that no one else would change?  Would someone else change what you changed?

As of 2011, a survey shows that 51 percent of people in the world believe in God. Only 18 percent don’t and 17 percent are undecided. Personally, even though I grew up Catholic, I fall into the unsure category.

But, just for a moment, let’s assume that there IS a God and that you COULD take over His/Her almighty power for 5 minutes. That really is a tough one considering that man is supposed to have free will.

I guess I would have to say that I would change Man to be more godlike. Give us more willpower to avoid the evil deeds that we do, and to help strengthen our resolve to choose right over wrong. It is just Soooo easy for us as Human beings to do what feels good, or choose the road to evil because it pays, or helps us materialistically.

While we would STILL retain our free wills to choose good from evil, if we were a little more godlike, we would choose the good. Wouldn’t we have a happier, more loving world if that could be accomplished.

Wishful thinking, I know, but, we can always dream.

Until Later…

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