My Halloween Thoughts

Halloween is almost here and people all over have decided to decorate their homes. The bright orange punpkins carved into all scary forms from witches, scary cats, goblins, and of course the standard pumpkin head.

The black and orange lights around the house, and even a graveyard displayed in the front yard, bring a kind of ereie feel to the season. People ask me, “Are you going out partying on Haloween”? The answer is no.

While I enjoy giving out candy to the trick and treaters, and watching the little ones eyes light up as they display heir costumes, I never have been a big Halloween fan. Something about unholy spirits and pagan rituals of the time, seemed to have dampened my enthusiasm.

Now, I will say this, when I answer the door, I will be dressed up as Elvira. For those of you who may not know who she is, look it up. OR, better yet, see above picture. If you’re wondering if my boobs will be showing, let’s just say that ya can’t make an omlet if ya don’t crack the egg. That means YES for those of you, (like me), who didn’t understand what the Hell I just said.

I do it for myself, to feel sexy, and hey, who knows, maybe my next door neighbor will drop by for some unexpected “treats”. Wink!!!!

Until Later…

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