Emoji Vaginas…WHAT???

 I was reading this morning and I came across an article by Fellowship of the Minds,  talking about a new company that has developed a new Emoji concept, Vaginas. I kid you not, my disbelieving friends, we now have Emoji’s resembling different styles of our Vaginas.

I read this EARLY this morning, around 5 AM, and I was like…”WHAT”?????? It’s supposed to enhance sexting to express how you feel romantically. Are you serious, ROMANTICALLY?? Here’s a thought, why not just send a naked pic. to your friends like “everyone else” and TELL them you wanna get LAID…

Don’t get me wrong, but, if I want you to see my VA Jay Jay, I’ll send you an 8×10 glossy. Where in the world is this world going anyway?  What’s next, penis Emoji’s, or, how about a man’s balls??? What about an Emoji showing females masturbating, or someone giving either a blow, or a hand job? As of now, Apple’s the App Store, and Google’s Play Store have rejected the app. Now THERE’S a shock…

If you actually can’t live without  this new Emoji, you have to go to Flirtmoji and sign up. Once signed, you can send Vaginas all over the world to show others, like ME, you are a real hornball. Just remember…I’m WATCHING you, OK, that’s not true as I am too interested in trying to figure out WHICH one is MY Vagina….

What will they THINK of next???? Now I’ve seen everything.

Until Later…

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