Things That go Bump in the Night

It’s almost Halloween and so I thought I would share a story with all of you. Now, what I am about to tell you is TRUE, based on MY perception. I am not saying that the headless horseman, bigfoot, or that the slimy undead roam the Earth, I am just giving you an account of what happened to ME.

Two years ago, YES, when I was still drinking, I observed an unusual experience. Now I KNOW many of you will blame this on the alcohol, but, I assure you, this HAPPENED.

I was depressed at the time, lonely, and thinking about my father. For those of you who are new and don’t know, when I was very young, my father took his own life while I was with him. This was a very traumatic experience and one which I still live with to this day.

I was sitting at home watching TV, when all of a sudden the room got cold. As I got up to check the air conditioning, I saw a shape or figure by my curtains.  I walked slowly towards this eerie figure, thinking it was just a symptom of my drunkenness.

As I got within ten feet, I could make out the spector, it was my father. In his hand was a bottle of whiskey which he poured out in front of me. I honestly couldn’t BELIEVE what I was seeing. I am an intelligent woman, one who CERTAINLY does NOT believe in ghosts, but THIS was happening.

I ventured to ask him the question I have been asking myself for years…WHY??? He merely lowered his head, and waived a kiss to my cheek. As I went closer, his figure shrunk into the darkened night. Once again, I was alone.

So now, I leave my story in YOUR capable hands, did it HAPPEN, or NOT?  I believe that it DID!!! It scared the Bejesus out of me I’ll tell you that. What do YOU think???

Until Later…

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