I have been thinking about the folks that are in politics, and I was trying to see if they all had a common link. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. They ALL speak out of BOTH sides of their mouths
  2. They All lie for the “common good”…What IS the “common good” anyway???
  3. A fantastic vocabulary of practical sentences is a MUST… Example… “I never said that”, or “You are taking that out of context” should ALWAYS be at their disposal.
  4. Holding babies lovingly while MAKING babies of their own with interns is also a very common trait.

There are several more, but in the interest of time and space, I will leave you capable people to your OWN opinions. Here’s another thing…All these damn debates, “I’m gonna do this”, or “Why aren’t we doing that”, Seriously…Has ANY President gotten something done the way HE wanted to do it? The answer to that is NO!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against politicians in general, just the attributes on which they stand… Look, come up with a good plan, make sure the numbers work, THEN, see HOW you are gonna pay for what you wanna do.

This little caveat NEVER seems to be worked out, OR, at least TOLD to the American people. Why, you ask, probably because it CAN’T be done Look, I have a plan…Put ALL the candidates in a sealed room, kinda like the Vatican does, and let them FIGHT it out. Sooner or later the STRONGEST, WISEST, most INTELLIGENT Man/Woman will emerge as a PUFF of white smoke rises from the Capitol.

That’s MY two cents…

Until Later…




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