Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

My husband and I have a 16 yearld daughter who has just received her liscence. She is very anxious to drive but has no insurance on her car. We bought her a used car (in our names), with the understanding that she would get her own insurance, to date, this has not happened.

She keeps pressuring us to let her drive, but, if she is involved in an accident without insurance, we could be sued for everything. The problem is that she is a daddy’s girl and she has him wrapped around her finger.

She is working on him to let her run meanial errands for us, as we live in the country and it is a ways from anything. Please let her know that I love her, but, I feel she should hold up her end of the bargain, get a job, and pay for her own insurance. What do you think?

Auto Distressed

Dear Auto Distressed:

As you say, it is HER responsibility to live up to HER part of the bargain now. Under NO circumstances, let her drive that car until it is fully insured. You are absolutely right, if she would be involved in an accident, the burden, if any, would fall entirely upon you and your husband.

At some time, teens need to grow up and be responsible people, it appears HER time is NOW… Good luck…

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