Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I am a mom who has 2 small children who I will be taking out for Halloween for the first time. Here is my concern, my husband wants to take them around the neighborhood and I am a little leery about doing that.

I would much prefer going to a Community sponsored event where I know things will be safe. What are your thoughts on this one? My husbands reads and respects your replies.


Dear Ghostbuster:

I believe it all depends on the neighborhood where you live. If you live in a safe neighborhood, it is probably fine, just check the candy once you get home to make sure it is still wrapped in the containers.

Discard any items such as popcorn balls or homemade type articles as these could be easily tampered with. Personally, I am for the Community centers that have Halloween sponsered events. There are organized games, music, and the kids seem to have a good time.

Enjoy your Halloween and Ah….Save me the Reeeses Pieces and the KitKats….


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