I Fell Off the Wagon and I Can’t Get Up

If you are reading this, chances are I am already good and drunk. Yesterday, I broke up up with my girlfriend who I have been seeing for the last 2 weeks. What’s WITH that 2 week relationship thing with me anyway, I just can’t seem to develop and HOLD on to a decent relationship. It seems no matter HOW hard I try, I am doomed within 2 weeks.

So, I did the usual gut busting, pain relieving, thing I have always done, I bought a few bottles of Grey Goose and some cranberry juice. I hear what you’re saying, “Sooz, that’s Not the way to handle your grief”, and I KNOW this,it’s just that after a few drinks I feel good about myself again and the grief just melts away like it has already.

Relationships SUCK!!! I have a good mind to drunk text her and give her a piece of my mind. She just up and quit us, said she needed more space…WHAT??? Fuck her!!! I’ll just have a couple more drinks, pull my panties back and just fuck MYSELF. Who NEEDS someone anyway?

God, I sound like a Just Ask Sooz letter don’t I, hehehehe? My girlfriend left me Sooz, what shall I do? Shall I go and tell her I love her and that I can’t live without her, Fuck NO…Just buy some Vodka and get good and DRUNK and all will be good in the morning.

All I know is I’m feeling Waaaaay good now, and will be passing out soon, so I better get near my bed before I wake up on the floor.

Sorry if I disappointed you all, once a drunk, always a drunk I guess…..God I’m HOT, I need to Fuck…

Until Later…

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