Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I need your help. I realize you are not a licensed psychologist, but I read you all the time and have come to like your advice. Here is my problem, my husband’s mother lives with us and she is a real bitch for lack of a better word.

She is only 55 Sooz, she is on disability from an arm problem she suffered at work, and my husband invited her to stay with us while she was recuperating. Let me point out that he did “not” ask me when he did this and she has been “healing” now for 8 months.

The woman s a nagger Sooz, she criticizes how I take care of the house, what I cook, even the clothes I wear. Like I said, she’s a bitch. She has her own house, and I feel it is time she got re-acquainted with it.

Am I being selfish, or am I right? She has finally gotten on my last nerve Sooz; I am about ready to blow. My husband is a Mamma’s boy so I am gonna have to tell her, any suggestions?

Seeing Red in Ohio


Dear Seeing Red in Ohio:

Wow, from the way you describe her, she sounds like a bitch on steroids. With someone like this, BLUNTNESS is usually the only thing that works. There is NO mollycoddling, kick the bitch OUT!!! Explain to her that you “FEEL” it would be better if she goes back to her home now as she is driving you crazy.

Tell her you know she means well, but, she is starting to upset the family dynamic. Afterwards, pick a date, invite her for dinner, offer to go shopping with her, but, just GET HER the HELL OUT!!!

Tell your husband beforehand obviously, and MAKE him understand that while she MAY be a nice person, she is upsetting to you. Odds are he grew up with her so he KNOWS how she can be. Good luck, hope this helps to restore your peace of mind.

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