How to Eat Food You Don’t Like

This sounds like a funny topic doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it IS. I mean seriously, how MANY of us eat foods we DON’T like? Yes, Yes, to impress a date, maybe we’ll try some stuffed Yak, but usually, we stick to the good old comfort foods like Mac and Cheese.

Here are a few tried and true tips for eating the unpleasant foods we sometimes NEED to eat.

Hold Your Nose—An OLD stand by here for sure that REALLY works.. By holding your nose, you eliminate how vomit-like the food smells, thus letting you swallow it down before you gag to death. A real crowd pleaser.

Condiments—This is a great chemical way of masking the putrid taste. Slather, pour, or drown the offender with ketchup, mustard, or even horseradish to overpower the taste of the offender How to Eat Food You Don’t Like.

Drink Water—This is great. Take a bite of the offender, then, take a big swallow of water to wash it down BEFORE it gets to your taste buds. Guaranteed to work every time, OR, your food will regurgitate itself back up…

Cut Your Food into Micro-Particles—the smaller the better here people. Keep cutting it until you need to use an electron microscope to find it. Then, take a few bites; if t’s small enough, you won’t even know it’s there.

Finally, if none of these are working for you, do what I do, eat ONLY the good stuff and hope to GOD the people who are serving you have a hungry dog or cat. Pretend to pet the dog/cat while secretly palming the food and feed it to them. You need a little luck here though, because sometimes, it’s SO disgusting, THEY puke and give you away.

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