If You Take up Two Seats, You should have to Buy Two Tickets

This will be my annoyance rant. I was on a plane the other day flying to LA when a man who HAD to weigh as much as a Sumo Wrestler sat down next to me.

Let me just say that he DEFINITELY took up two seats. A while later, a skinny woman sat down in our row also and NOW we had the asses of FOUR in a three plane seat. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, look, people get fat, I GET it, but my thinking is at LEAST charge them for two seats if they weigh over a certain poundage. As of now, several airlines HAVE this policy, the problem IS, they rarely ENFORCE it.

Should I have to be inconvenienced because someone else is obesely overweight, NO!!! The individual who is overweight should be seated somewhere where he /she can access BOTH seats comfortably as LONG as he/she pays for it.

Please people, do the right thing, NEXT time, buy TWO seats and let EVERYONE be comfortable.

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